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Bowknot Denim Pumps

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Channel Your Inner Cutie with Playful Denim Pumps!

These adorable denim pumps are the perfect way to add a touch of sassy sweetness to your little one's outfit. The soft, distressed denim gives them a playful, pre-loved feel, while the cute bowknot add a touch of irresistible whimsy.


  • The satisfying click-clack of your tiny toes as you take sissy steps.
  • The adorable contrast between the rugged denim and the cute little bow.
  • Feeling extra put-together in your favorite diaper and onesie.

These pumps are perfect for:

  • Pretend play: Spark your imagination and create adorable little adventures.
  • Adding a touch of sissy sweetness: Complete your diaper-wearing look with a charming touch.
  • Feeling extra special: Because every little one deserves to feel cute and loved.

Available in sizes for little feet. Treat your inner little one to some adorable denim charm today!

Please note: These pumps are designed for fun and light wear.

Size chart in cm

Size Heel to Toe Chinese Size
4.5 22 Label Size 34 (US4.5 EU34.5 UK2)
5.5 22.5 Label Size 35 (US5.5 EU35.5 UK2.5)
6 23 Label Size 36 (US6 EU36 UK3)
7 23.5 Label Size 37 (US7 EU37 UK4)
7.5 24 Label Size 38 (US7.5 EU37.5 UK4.5)
8 24.5 Label Size 39 (US8 EU38 UK5)
8.5 25 Label Size 40 (US8.5 EU39 UK6)
9 25.5 Label Size 41 (US9 EU39.5 UK7)
9.5 26 Label Size 42 (US9.5 EU40.5 UK7.5)
10.5 26.5 Label Size 43 (US10.5 EU41 UK8)
11 27 Label Size 44 (US11 EU42 UK9)
12 27.5 Label Size 45 (US12 EU42.5 UK10)
12.5 28 Label Size 46 (US12.5 EU43 UK10.5)
13 28.5 Label Size 47 (US13 EU44 UK11)
14 29 Label Size 48 (US14 EU44.5 UK12)
14.5 29.5 Label Size 49 (US14.5 EU45 UK12.5)
15 30 Label Size 50 (US15 EU46 UK13)
16 30.5 Label Size 51 (US16 EU46.5 UK14)
16.5 31 Label Size 52 (US16.5 EU47 UK14.5)
17 31.5 Label Size 53 (US17 EU48 UK15)
18 32 Label Size 54 (US18 EU48.5 UK16)

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